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- CrossFit Courses Prep Course (CPC)

- CrossFit Level One Trainer

- CrossFit Competitor's Course

- CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer

- CrossFit Power Lifting Trainer

- CrossFit Strongman Trainer

- CrossFit Judges Course Certificate

- Modern Army Combatives Program (MACP) Level 1 Instructor

Joey Wood is a Co/Owner of CrossFit Stacked. Joey has found a functional application and natural transition from the 6 years he spent in the Army into the CrossFit Community. 

Joey Completed Basic Training and Army Advanced Individual Training directly out of High School. He then went on to complete a degree in Architectural technology and another in Construction Management from Appalachian State University. Next he Completed Officer Candidates School (OCS) and become one of the youngest Officers ever Commissioned. He then went on to serve as Platoon Leader for 3 years in charge of a Military Police unit.

Joey has a Background in Powerlifting, Body Building and is obsessed with the Strongman movements.  He has found a calling in introducing these specialties to his fellow CrossFitters. 

Joey is married to Cameron Wood and recently had a baby girl named Sophia. He is thankful for their willingness to put with his CrossFit addiction.


- CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

- CrossFit Coaches Prep Course Certificate

- CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer

- CrossFit Strongman Trainer

- CrossFit Judges Course Certificate 

- USAW Level 1 Coach Certificate

Ryan is a co/owner of CrossFit Stacked.  He was introduced to CrossFit in 2008 in Nashville, TN at CrossFit Middle Tennessee. Ryan is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and is also CrossFit Strongman Certified. Ryan is a practicing Chiropractor in Johnson City, and has been in practice since 2008. Ryan received a Bachelors of Science in Human Biology (2006) and a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree (2008) at Logan College of Chiropractic.  Ryan was introduced to CrossFit by his wife Kari Collart when they lived in Nashville in 2008. During his intro class at CrossFit MT, Ryan found himself on the floor, spent after only 8 minutes. Being a self proclaimed "Gym Rat" he was humbled by that first experience, and knew that CrossFit was the way he needed to be training. Ryan has been hooked ever since.  Ryan and Kari moved to Johnson City in 2010 and opened their chiropractic clinic, and he co-founded CF Stacked with Joey Wood in June of 2012.  

- CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

- CrossFit Strongman Trainer

- CrossFit Kids Trainer

Kari Collart is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic.  Kari recieved an Associates Degree in Business from John A. Logan College in Carterville, Illinios (2002) and recieved a Bachelors Degree of Life Sciences (2005) and a Doctorate of Chiropractic (December 2007) from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, MO.  Dr. Kari started doing CrossFit in Nashville, TN at CrossFit Middle Tennessee in 2008.  After opening her Chiropracitc Clinic, getting married, and moving to Johnson City, Kari (like everyone else) joined the local Globo Gym.  After a year of attempting to do CrossFit at the Globo Gym Kari, her Husband Ryan, and Joey Wood thought that CrossFit needed to be brought to the Tri-Cities. Kari has been coaching at CrossFit Stacked from Day 1, and now is the only CrossFit Kids Certified Coach in the area (see the schedule for Kids/teens class times). She received her CrossFit Level 1 Certificate in April of 2012 at CrossFit Maximus in Lexington KY, and also holds a CrossFit Strongman Trainer Certificate.  Kari recently completed her Yoga Alliance Yoga instructor certification and loves to incorporate mobility into the Crossfit regiment and fill in at yoga studios around town.  Kari is also one to organize our boxes fundraisers, extra curricular activities, nights out, and social events.

Chad Rowland has always been an athlete, playing football at ETSU, then football and baseball at Bridgewater College, and then golf at Clinch Valley College.  He received his Crossfit level 1 training and Judges Course certificate in 2013.  Since graduating college with a BS Degree in Biology, he has been busy with his career, his beautiful wife Amanda, and two athletic children Alysse and Clay.  Chad recalls being the heaviest he has ever weighed in December of 2012 and having to start blood pressure medication.  Chad and Kevin (see below) heard of CrossFit and wanted to know what it is all about.  Now in 2014, he is 20 lbs lighter, no longer takes blood pressure medications, and feels that he is in better shape than he was 15 years ago as a college athlete.  He has a clear passion to pass the lifestyle on to others.  Chad also assists with CrossFit kids when he has spare time, and dance moves to die for!

Cameron Wood

Cameron, wife of Coach Joey, dedicated her entire childhood to gymnastics traveling around the United States receiving multiple state, regional, and national titles.  Cameron received her Level 1 certificate in 2013 and really enjoys coaching the all Women Wods on Wednesdays and Fridays.  She spends her free time with her beautiful daughter Sophia.  Cameron is also a gymnastics director at Revolution Dance and Gymnastics in Gray, TN and makes a bar muscle up look like a walk in the park.  

TJ Wood

TJ is our youngest coach at 20 years of age.  TJ is currently a collegiate soccer player at Milligan College juggling sports, Crossfit, Strength Training, and a social life, all done so effortlessly.  TJ started in gymnastics at a young age, and has always been involved in soccer and swimming and swam through high school at SSHS.  She was Crossfit Level 1 certified last summer.  TJ may be young, but her WODs show how hard work pays off.  You can currently see her muscle up videos on our facebook site.  

Ashlee Kizer

Ashlee is our newest coach on staff, but started CrossFit over a year ago.  Ashlee never played sorts or considered herself an athlete.  Her freshman year of highschool she weighed 220 pounds and would not step on the scale again for three years.  At the age of 17 she decided to make some lifestyle changes.  She began eating a clean diet and became a cardio "junkie".  Two year later, she had lost over 60 pounds.  In 2009, she graduated at Tennessee Wesleyan.  In 2010, Ashlee and her outgoing preacher husband Lew.... gave birth to twins, LB and Daisy and she struggled losing the baby weight.  After running a half marathon and signing up for another, she realized she wanted something different in her regiment, so she found Crossfit Stacked.  After drinking the CrossFit Kool-aid, she developed a passion for teaching and instructing anyone who can relate to her story and help them realize they can be successful too!  You can find Ashlee shopping at any Reebok outlet, at the box, or in the Paleo baking goods aisle.  

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